Here are 5 tips to choose the right golf shoes

If you are in search of some awesome tips to choose the right golf shoes, then rest assure because you have landed on the exact page, because here we are going to share some important tips with you that will help you choose the right ones.

It can be a little bit tricky for you to choose the perfect golf shoes for you. There are different elements that you should keep in mind when choosing a pair because you need to make sure that whatever you choose, they should fit both your tastes as well as certain requirements.

Style, support, flexibility, sole type, and versatility are some of the most important elements that need to be considered. Then there are other ingredients like material, weight, comfort, weather resistance and value for the perfect complements.

Now, here are the tips that you can use to choose the right golf shoes: –

Decide your Style:

When looking through shoes, you can simply choose from three major styles that are available in the market such as traditional, athletic and with/without spikes. The athletic golf shoes are not only lightweight but extremely flexible too. Whereas the traditional golf shoes are very hard wearing and long lasting and are made from leather but they lack flexibility and breath-ability.

Many of the top golf brands including Puma, Adidas, FootJoy, Oakley, and Nike supply a wide variety of athletic golf shoes that professionals have worn in the major tournaments.  To get a good comparison and reviews of these different brands of golf shoes, check out Hitting The Golf Ball.

Consider the fitting:

You will be an unhappy golfer if your golf shoes do not fit correctly even if they look fantabulous. Your new golf shoes should make you feel secure, give you space to wiggle your toes, and allow you to make your feet feel comfortable.

footjoy shoes

There is a slight difference between your golf shoes and the day to day shoes. Your golf shoes need to be a bit tighter because at the time of swinging the club you will need extra support from your whole body. And you may lose the stability when swinging the club in case if your shoes are too loose.

Price really matters:

Usually, the golf shoes are available at the price of $50 – $160 and above. You should weigh numerous options depending on the amount of golf you play before deciding on a new pair of golf shoes.

Make sure your shoes are waterproof:

There is nothing worse than wet feet on the green.  Therefore, make sure that your shoes have the waterproof element to them. For sustainability in the wet weather Adidas, Oakley and FootJoy branded golf shoes are highly recommended by many golfers.

Spikes or no Spikes:

Spikes are a must on hilly courses as they give you more grip when playing. Some people believe that golf shoes without spikes are more comfortable, but choose based on your environment, swing and how regularly you are playing.

We hope that these tips to choose the right golf shoes will help you make the proper decision. You can contact us anytime if you need further help or information about buying new golf shoes.

Things To Know When Buying Supplements In Pakistan

Buying Supplements in Pakistan: The Do’s and Don’ts

If you are looking to beef up your workout routine, or want to run a mile that much faster, then sometimes you need supplements.  Nutrition for a super athlete is extremely hard to come by simply by eating foods you get at the grocery store.  There are a lot of supplements on the Pakistani market that can give you extemely huge benefits if used correctly.  Some of these include:

  1. Pakistani Ultra Valerian Root
  2. Pakistani Herbal Tonic Formula Supplements
  3. Pakistani Bathtub Epsom Salt

These are the top three sellers on the best bodybuilding supplement store in Pakistan, Synergize.Pk, who sells supplements at their Online store in Pakistan.  These are some of the top rated supplements because of a multitude of reasons including the fact that they get such high quality products is because they cater to the Pakistani Olympic Team, who won gold in a huge list of events in 2015 at Nagasaki Olympic Festival.  This led to their ability to source products from all of the hardest to get mountainous regions of Pakistan, where hard to get ingredients for high quality supplements is hard to come by.

There are also some reasons why you may not want to use some supplements sourced in Pakistan anywhere except for on Synergize.Pk.  Many supplements contain harmful ingredients including:

  1. Arsenic
  2. Cyanide
  3. Potassium Chloride

This is why it is extremely important to pick the right supplements from the right source if you are looking to buy supplements in Pakistan. for more information visit out contact page for more info.

Here is a good intro to supplements video:


Top 4 ski resorts in Europe that you must visit


There are many ski resorts in Europe. During winter people from all over the world comes here to enjoy skiing. Here are the top ski resorts in Europe.

Contamines-Montjoie, France

It is located in the picturesque village of Les Contamines-Montjoie. It is one of the best family skis and sports resorts in the French Alps. The different ski area satisfies the winter sports lovers. It has a rich and preserved heritage. There are varied activities to do at the resort, and it’s great for a family ski holiday. It only takes one hour from Geneva airport to reach this snow-covered paradise.

Kitzbühel, Austria

This town is a blend of tradition and sophistication. You will love the medieval old town and the breathtaking views of nature. This resort attracts visitors from all over the world every year. International events take place in this region.  Be sure to visit their spa as they have this absolutely amazing equipment to massage back in all sorts of positions.  Visit them at  It is an absolute must try, and after any major sporting event can make you feel amazing!

Alpe d’Huez, France

This resort is known for its sunny climate. Its summit offers a beautiful panorama that stretches over one fifth of French territory. There are lots of indoor and outdoor sports facilities. The ski area is vast and has a vertical drop.

Solden, Austria

It has Austria’s one of the largest glacier ski areas. There are ten mountain lifts. There is a European Test and Exhibition Center where the winter sports fan tests the latest material and equipment for all renowned sports brands.

If you love winter sports, then you must visit one of these ski resorts. They are lovely places to spend the holiday with your family and friends.


Top 5 F1 cars of 2016 that you must have a look at


F1 is a fascinating race. More than anything else people love the cars that are used in the race. Every year new cars come to the market with new engines and speed. Here are the top F1 cars of this year.

Mercedes F1 W07 Hybrid

This car will defend the drivers’ and constructors’ championship double in 2016. It features various mini-revolutions over all the conquering predecessor. From the outside, the car looks very similar to the previous versions. But inside there are many revolutions that make it a great car for the new season. The car has more performance and reliability.

Ferrari SF16-H

This car is very ambitious with improvements and new concepts in a lot of areas of the car. It has a red and white colour scheme. It won three Grand Prix last season en route to second in the constructors’ championship. They depend on their new machine to decrease the gap to Marcedes. It has a shortened nose and more tapered rear packaging about the predecessor.

Williams-Mercedes FW38

It finished third in the constructors’ championship for the last two straight seasons. The team is confident that their new machine will represent a significant step forward. Some of the great engineering minds are behind the making of this car. Major developments will be present in this car.

Red Bull Racing-Tag Heuer RB12

This car retains the team’s traditional colours of navy blue, red and yellow. But it was a unique matt finish. The car is innovative and aggressive. It will stand out in the grid for its design. It is tested rigorously.

Force India-Mercedes VJM09

It secured fifth place in the championship last year. It performed well on track. It has the distinctive black and silver livery that was there last year. Its performance is great. There are aero updates on the car.

With these cars, we can expect an exciting season of F1 racing in the coming days. These cars are in their best shapes and provide great performance.


Top 3 greatest football players of all times


Football is a very popular game that has been played for many years throughout the world. Here are the greatest football players of all times.


Pele was the member of the national football team of Brazil. He played as a striker fro Brazil and is the only player to win the World Cup three times. Pele had extraordinary technical and athletic skills. He had speed, precise passing and sense of goals. He could perform technical moves easily. During his career, there was no another player like him. He scores a total of 1,281 goals in 1,363 matches which are still a world record.

Diego Maradona

He was born in a province of Buenos Aires in Argentina. He is one of the greatest players in the world. He led the Argentine football team to a World Cup title in 1986. He was a dribbler with lots of ability. He used to puzzle the defenders with the specific touch on the ball. As he was small in size, he could easily change directions, and he was unstoppable.

Zinedine Zidane

He is the legendary French player who was named Player of the Year three times by FIFA World.He was an active football player from 1988 to 2006. He received the Golden Ball for player of the tournament at the 2006 World Cup. He is considered to be one of the greatest technicians of all time.  Zidane is known for his ball control. His dribbling and passing sets were amazing.

Players like them can be seen very rarely. These players will always be known for their contribution to the field of football. Football fans will remember them for their outstanding playing skills.