How to get a better golf swing?

Here are some important tips that will help you get a better golf swing.

Lower your hands: –

You can decrease the height of your shots by restricting the height of the follow-through. The height of the ball flight will be proportional to the highness of your hands. There are other ways that you can use to accomplish this such as trying to swing easy and choosing a stronger club, but they are more difficult to execute and less reliable as well.

You can lower the trajectory of your shots by keeping your hands low in the finish.

Increase your power using your body: –

You should be aware that as a golfer that the power doesn’t come from the arms but from the body. With your body in a dead-stop position put the club behind the ball at address because this will help you empower your club with your body.

Attempt to drag the ball into the air without taking a backswing. You’ll probably have to struggle at first if you use your hands to control the club. However, you’ll be able to get the ball in the air if you start moving the club with your body.

Thus, you can properly turn through the ball on the downswing. Learn from one of the best golf swing trainer from strategic golfer.


Give Your Spine the Forearm: –

In order to ensure the increased accuracy and solid ball striking makes sure that you’re on-plane at the highest state of the swing. Keep your left wrist flat, forearm parallel to my spine and your arms and elbows from a strong triangle.

You can get make this position by rotating your shoulders in the backswing properly.

Hinge for Power: –

Because of two fatal flaws, problems may appear for amateurs while hitting crisp iron shots. First, the proper hinging of the wrists is delayed because the takeaway tends to be low enough to the ground until too late in the backswing.

This usually leads to a reverse pivot by causing a breakdown in posture. A lack of control and distance is caused due to these flaws.

If you want to create more solid contact by taking control over the length of the swing there are several simple steps that you can follow to achieve this. You should present a 45-degree angle at setup between the club shaft and the left arm.

The hands should stay close to the ground during the takeaway while the club shaft moves up quickly.

Solid place – no slice: –

A slice can be caused due to an open face at the point of contact. Similarly, a faulty swing path can also cause the slice even if you keep your club face square o the target. A path that comes slightly from the inside is required by all the golfers.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: –

The club face needs to be stopped from closing too soon by the Hookers. Adopt a thumbs-down approach to impact to achieve this.

We hope that these tips will help you get a better swing.


Here are 5 tips to choose the right golf shoes

If you are in search of some awesome tips to choose the right golf shoes, then rest assure because you have landed on the exact page, because here we are going to share some important tips with you that will help you choose the right ones.

It can be a little bit tricky for you to choose the perfect golf shoes for you. There are different elements that you should keep in mind when choosing a pair because you need to make sure that whatever you choose, they should fit both your tastes as well as certain requirements.

Style, support, flexibility, sole type, and versatility are some of the most important elements that need to be considered. Then there are other ingredients like material, weight, comfort, weather resistance and value for the perfect complements.

Now, here are the tips that you can use to choose the right golf shoes: –

Decide your Style:

When looking through shoes, you can simply choose from three major styles that are available in the market such as traditional, athletic and with/without spikes. The athletic golf shoes are not only lightweight but extremely flexible too. Whereas the traditional golf shoes are very hard wearing and long lasting and are made from leather but they lack flexibility and breath-ability.

Many of the top golf brands including Puma, Adidas, FootJoy, Oakley, and Nike supply a wide variety of athletic golf shoes that professionals have worn in the major tournaments.  To get a good comparison and reviews of these different brands of golf shoes, check out Hitting The Golf Ball.

Consider the fitting:

You will be an unhappy golfer if your golf shoes do not fit correctly even if they look fantabulous. Your new golf shoes should make you feel secure, give you space to wiggle your toes, and allow you to make your feet feel comfortable.

footjoy shoes

There is a slight difference between your golf shoes and the day to day shoes. Your golf shoes need to be a bit tighter because at the time of swinging the club you will need extra support from your whole body. And you may lose the stability when swinging the club in case if your shoes are too loose.

Price really matters:

Usually, the golf shoes are available at the price of $50 – $160 and above. You should weigh numerous options depending on the amount of golf you play before deciding on a new pair of golf shoes.

Make sure your shoes are waterproof:

There is nothing worse than wet feet on the green.  Therefore, make sure that your shoes have the waterproof element to them. For sustainability in the wet weather Adidas, Oakley and FootJoy branded golf shoes are highly recommended by many golfers.

Spikes or no Spikes:

Spikes are a must on hilly courses as they give you more grip when playing. Some people believe that golf shoes without spikes are more comfortable, but choose based on your environment, swing and how regularly you are playing.

We hope that these tips to choose the right golf shoes will help you make the proper decision. You can contact us anytime if you need further help or information about buying new golf shoes.